Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost wallet? 

Further to the (non-)incident with the cash machine distracter, I noticed this morning that my second wallet was missing.

I noticed this just before I left for work. I assumed that I'd put it somewhere safe when I was on my way back from Wales but I couldn't think where it was and would find it later.

On the way to work, however, it began to prey on my mind and I started to wonder if I had dropped it somewhere or, horrors, the man with the bogus tenner on the floor had been a very sly pickpocket.

It took a real effort of will not to panic at work or jump on the next train home so that I could look for it, however, I managed it and remained calm until I could get home and have a good look.

Good looks are the opposite of bad looks. These are the ones where you have several frantic searches in unlikely places in the hope that you missed whatever you were looking for but will find it that one last time.

I was most relieved to find it when I got home tucked away in my camera bag. Not a place I would normally put it but somewhere just the right size for a wallet and that rang the faintest of faint bells in the back of my mind.

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