Friday, May 16, 2008

Why blog? 

In the last week or so my blog has had a lot of traffic because I made an insulting comment and invoked the wrath of the combined readership of another blog.

My usual hit rate is minimal; it's unusual if I have more than 10 hits per day. One day last week I had over 150. Maybe I should insult people more often.

Incidentally, I have deleted both the insulting post and another where I refused to apologise for it. In hindsight, I was realised I was wrong and, if anyone cares, I apologise. The term "illiterate" was way too strong and incorrect.

My change of heart had less to do the comments left here and more to do with me overhearing some rather bitchy comments from someone sitting near me at a concert. I suddenly realised that was something I do too much of myself and that the "illiterate" comment was just one example.

There are better uses for a blog than to use it to throw insults around the Internet. It's not clever.

That brings me to the subject of this post. Why do I bother to blog at all?

I've given this some thought and I think I do this for myself. This is an open diary effectively where I can write about stuff that's on my mind and move on.

Sometimes it's useful to someone else. I can see that through the visit logs. Sometimes it amuses people. Sometimes I use it just to show friends something that would take too long to explain in words.

However, whether this blog is of any use or interest to anyone else is something I would consider a bonus. Most of the time, it's just for me.


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I'm not sure how I found your blog, but it was only in the past week or so.... And I've found it quite interesting being a fellow Orpington-er....
Thanks! It's always nice to know someone has had some enjoyment from what I have written.
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