Friday, July 04, 2008


The evening before last I planted out the remainder of the bedding plants that I had bought for my garden. It took me longer than I thought and it was getting dark before I finished. It was a warm night so I wore shorts.

Unfortunately, some insect took a liking to my left leg and I was bitten. I actually did notice at the time but it was only a slight prickle and so I didn't do anything about it.

Yesterday afternoon the bites became very itchy and sore and I have taken to using hydrocortisone cream and upping my dose of antihistamine. Neither have had a great effect just yet and my leg feels horrid. I didn't get much sleep either.

Nasty horrible biting bugs!

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These insects are always more like to bite in the evenings. If you must garden in the evening, cover yourself up, or use repellent first. Chamomile should soothe it!
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