Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to reality 

Today we returned home after a week of Gilbert and Sullivan and avoiding the Olympics.

I really enjoyed Buxton. I loved all the shows we saw and even, though do not tell a soul, enjoyed joining in with the singing in the post-show cabarets in my mumbling croaky tuneless way. There was something about adding my voice, such as it is, to soaring melodies. I actually got it. For once I actually understood what people get out of singing.

I even contemplated joining a G&S group when I got back home but, looking at the scores and realising that I find written music less understandable than quantum physics, I thought better of it. Being unable to hold a tune in a bucket or know that I can be out-acted by a plank of wood and that I find it difficult to speak to more than two people at once makes me think that's the best choice.

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