Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"I'm naked but I can sort that out" 

We're currently in Buxton in Derbyshire for part of the 15th International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival. This is the third time we have attended and we're having a marvellous time. We have also managed to book the entire week at the Roseleigh Hotel. There is a lot more to the festival than the week we are staying but that's all we can manage.

It's a great festival and, as I think I have mentioned before, a great way to see the Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas performed with enthusiasm and talent. Not only can we hear all the words but the performers actually make it funny.

The Roseleigh is a wonderful hotel. It is nice and comfortable. It overlooks Buxton's gardens and duck pond and is a very short walk from the Opera House where the G&S productions are shown every night throughout the length of the festival.

None of the productions so far, however, have been anything like the drama from two nights ago when at about three o'clock in the morning, David and were woken by a man's voice from outside our room.

He seemed to be talking loudly on the phone as we could only hear his side of the conversation. I didn't follow all of it. All I can remember now was how irritated I was that this idiot was keeping me awake when I wanted to be asleep.

He then said something that caught my attention (and David's!) and that was something like "I'm naked but I can sort that out".

He repeated that and then was silent. We later heard steps on the stairs and the firedoors downstairs opening and closing.

I thought that maybe he'd gone to the loo and been locked out of his room by accident so he had called the hotel management. But why have his phone but not his clothes?

David thought that he might be a rent-boy but I thought that was unlikely. This is Buxton, after all.

The whole truth may never be known but it seems that the culprit was a man from the floor below who had become a little worse for wear. He had gone to the loo in the middle of the night but, as he had a single room, he had to go to the toilet on our floor. On leaving the bathroom, he became confused as to the floor he was on and tried to get into what he thought was his room but was actually the room on the floor above.

When his key didn't work he called though the door and spoke to the man and woman in the room. The man answered but not loudly enough for me to be able to hear him.This was why we only heard his side of the conversation.

One can only guess that sometime into this, the man realised his error and sloped off downstairs.

I invested in some earplugs the following day.


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