Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I really hate waste. Wasted food, wasted paper but, above all, I hate wasted effort.

One example is the new flash footbridge with stairs and lifts that has been built in Orpington Station to make all the platforms accessible to people who cannot use the stairs in the underpass.

It has looked apparently finished for months but has yet to be opened. Last night when I returned late, I noticed it had all the lights on but was still condoned off.

What a waste! It's a waste of time that it was built - it wouldn't be if it was in use but it isn't. It's a waste of energy that all the lights are blazing away when no-one is using it.

Why are they waiting to open it? Is it not finished? It looks like it is. Perhaps there is some stupid bit of Health and Safety paper that needs to be signed.

Does it need to be opened by some local bigwig who has no time in their busy busy diary? Come on! This is Orpington Station, not Buckingham Palace!

If there is a need to have the new bridge, and I am sure there is, then why not make it available?

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