Friday, August 22, 2008


I have two alarm clocks, both of which are "radio controlled", i.e. they use a time signal so that they are always correct and they are, most of the time, synchronised. I keep one by my bedside that goes off at 06:15 and that I use the 8-minute snooze twice so it goes off again at 06:23 and then at 06:31. At 06:31 the other clock goes off as well. I have to get up at that point as the second alarm is on the other side of the room.

My bedside clock can sometimes lose the signal and become the tiniest fraction of a second out of sync with the other clock so that it's like hearing a strange sort of echo.

This morning, however, my bedside clock was about FOUR HOURS fast. It wasn't like that when I went to bed but the alarm went off at 02:15, cheerfully insisting that it was really 06:15. Luckily it was so dark that I didn't really think that was the time and so I tried to check with other clocks and watches in the room. My radio alarm (do you think I have too many clocks?) said it was 02:20 but I'm always a bit suspicious of that and I tried to turn on the lamp to check my watch.

That was when the bulb in the lamp blew and I started to get a little freaked out.

Bulbs blowing are rare. Clocks gaining four hours for no good reason are also rare. Both at once suggests a plot for a horror movie.

Took me ages to get back to sleep.

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