Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad morning 

This morning I was very organised. I got up early, had my shower and the usual and then went downstairs to make myself some sandwiches for lunch and grab some breakfast.

I really rather like the simple sandwiches you can buy in Sainsbury's and M&S that are basically grated cheese and chopped spring onions mashed up with mayonaise. I have made them myself several times. Last night when I went shopping I bought some onions and some rolls and, indulgently, some grated cheese.

I spent 20 minutes peeling and chopping the spring onions and mixing up a big bowl of the onions, the cheese and enough mayo to hold it all together. Then I put a blob in each of three rolls and put them in a box on the dining room table so I would notice them on the way out.

All this effort made me slightly late so I grabbed a very quick breakfast, put on my shoes and got my lift to the station.

It was there that I realised that, not only was I wearing the wrong shoes (blue and brown deck shoes with black formal trousers - I look like a Doctor Who wannabe) but that my sandwiches were still sitting in their box in a bag on my dining room table.

The day can only get better.

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