Friday, September 05, 2008

Bloody glasses! 

In Buxton during the Gilbert and Sullivan Festival, in the middle of a show, the lens fell out of my glasses because a crucial screw had worked its way out. I had them repaired the following day and everything was hunky-dory.

Last night, just before going to a BBC Prom at the Albert Hall, I gave my glasses a clean and, guess what?, the lens fell out again. Again a screw had gone missing. I had the choice of watching the Prom either without glasses (bright and blurry) or with my prescription sunglasses (sharp but dark and I look stupid).

I'm not bothering to get the glasses repaired. I think it's intrinsic to the design and the screw will continue to fall out until the end of time.

Today, I am wearing my contact lenses and have my other pair of glasses with me but I will have to buy a new pair. However, I'm not buying from one of those cheap places again. The last pair were from Vision Express or SpecSavers (they are unfortunately interchangeable to me) and I can't say I have ever been impressed with their level of service.

The only other nearest opticians is the 2020 Optical Store in Tottenham Court Road. Good products, good service but bloody expensive.

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