Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I took the bus to the station today. It was tipping down with rain so I didn't want to walk and Graham had had to leave early to get to the tip. Anyway, the bus took ten minutes to travel a distance it would normally manage in two. So I missed the 07:56 and the 08:00 services to Charing Cross.

I think everyone on the bus was thinking the same thoughts:

"Should I ask the driver to let me off now? I mean, I know we're nowhere near a bus stop but if I ask nicely, I'm sure he'll let me off. I could probably walk quicker to the station than this traffic."

Then two other things probably stopped us.

Firstly, that the rain started chucking it down harder than before and none of us would get to the station before getting completely soaked.

Secondly, that it is a law of probability that if you leave a slow-moving queue it will immediately get much faster. Each of us was waiting for someone else to leave the bus knowing that we would all get there a lot quicker.

No-one was willing to do the noble thing, the sods.

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