Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Last night, on my way home from work, I dozed off on the train. I was wearing my contact lenses so I wasn't too happy about that. I always feel that they will roll round the back of my eye. So, when I got home, I was desperate to get them out and more or less took them out as soon as I could get my hands washed. I thought my eyes were a bit dry though as the lenses didn't want to leave my eyes very readily.

Normally, when I take my lenses out there is a slight moment of blurriness when I can't see, then my eyes stabilise and I'm OK. Last night, however, my vision stayed blurred all evening.

I was able to see well enough to drive but while I was at David's I noticed that I couldn't read clearly and the television was blurred. I had to lie down and close my eyes. I even fell asleep which I though meant that my peculiar vision was due to me being tired. However, my vision was still blurred when I woke up.

It was still like that this morning and so I became very concerned and booked up for the optician, again. I was only there a week ago.

I had an eye test. A very thorough eye test. My eyes had deteriorated severely since last week. There were blocks of letters where I couldn't even see that there were letters and others where I would normally be able to see the bottom row, where I couldn't read the top row.

The optician began to talk about sending me to the eye hospital and I began to be afraid for my sight.

Then she put some dye in my eyes and checked the surface for problems.

"You have a contact lens in your right eye," she said, laughing her head off.

I was both relieved and embarrassed. Very embarrassed. My eyesight was fine but I looked like a complete idiot.

She did check for any problems that may have arisen because I'd had a lens in for 31 hours but everything seemed OK. And she didn't charge me.

I'm warming to SpecSavers, I think.

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Oh dear!

Well, the important thing is... it wasn't anything more serious. But I know... hurt pride can be so damn painful!
This did make me laugh. I am glad it was nothing serious.

It reminds me of a particularly horrid story from my nursing days about an ancient feminine stationery product, but I think I was spare you.
I was more relieved that there wasn't a problem than I was embarrassed. During the test I was becoming more and more concerned for my sight.

I did apologise profusely for wasting the poor girl's time.

Hi Nigel: "ancient feminine stationery product" probably tells me more than enough!
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