Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hyperspace 1 

It is 7:20 on Sunday morning. I woke too early and so here I am sitting in front of my laptop putting down a few thoughts about Hyperspace before hitting the shower.

So, what do I think? And, more importantly, what can I say?

Yesterday was a confused sort of day. When I arrived I was at my least gregarious. I'm really not very good at talking to people. I am better than I used to be but I think for parts of yesterday I was as quiet as I was when I was in my teens. However, as the day wore on I was able to make a couple of friends of other people who are here on their own.

The opening ceremony was fun. There was a clever and very funny little video of Nick Young and Peter Vaughn Clarke floating around in hyperspace (the weird glowing stuff - not the convention).

This was followed by an autograph session where my reticence to speak to people reached awesome levels. I met and chatted with Jacqui, a name I recognised from TPDIS, and together we garnered enough courage to approach PVC for his autograph. By that time it was too late to get too many others but there is another session today. I would really like to talk to Nigel Fairs about his audio work. I consider the audio Tomorrow People stories the best of the three incarnations.

Later, we had dinner. That was really great but I wished it would have been a little longer. I had enough time to eat and chat but felt I would have liked to dally a bit and sample another dessert or two.

Then we had the awards. Sorry this is rushed. I want that shower!

The awards were great fun. There was a great deal of confusion but things moved along and awards dished out. Some had to go to people who didn't actually win them purely because their real winners were unavailable.

The most justified award was the Best Cliff Hanger and went to Nigel for the final audio adventure. I would have been disappointed if it went anywhere else.

Best dialogue went to Carol's speech to Stephen from the first episode explaining what and who the Tomorrow People were. I would have preferred Elizabeth's Clean-phone dialogue from Secret Weapon because that was the single line of dialogue that stuck in my head over the thirty-odd years between watching it the first time and seeing it all again on DVD.

We finished up with some of us watching Secret Weapon and then joining the others in the bar where there was lots of chatter, none of which I feel I can repeat here.

The interesting thing about the Secret Weapon screening was that we were joined by Roger Price, the creator of the Tomorrow People. He watched it all the way through and then talked about it afterwards. I was in the bar by then listening to some careless talk but I thought it rather unusual.

More later!

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