Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Tomorrow People 

On Saturday and Sunday, I will be going to Hyperspace 2008, a gathering to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the first screening of a children's science fiction show called The Tomorrow People.

I'm starting to get a bit excited by the idea. I haven't been to any sort of convention for many years and this is very much a one-off event. It will be great fun to meet other fans and the casts of the various incarnations of the series.

I'm particularly keen to meet the stars of the original show from the seventies and from the Big Finish audio stories, an excellent continuation of the story in which several of the original cast featured heavily in new and adult situations.

I am hoping to find out where the audio show's creator, Nigel Fairs, was planning to take the story after the climactic cliff-hanger at the end of the last season. There was supposed to be another series but the show was cancelled because the owner of the title wanted to do something else with it. Grr.

The Earth was being invaded, the Federation in tatters and the Tomorrow People fighting their own demons. What happens next?

I hope I find out at the weekend!

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