Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just bald and over 40? 

This blog, in the last few weeks, had a slightly bigger than average number of visitors. This is mainly down to the entries about Hyperspace 2008 and that I published a link to them on the TPDIS mailing list.

As a result, I've had more than the usual number of people seeing my website Robert Williams: Fat, Bald and Over 40. I was quite pleased with the comments I received, particularly the ones saying that I am not fat.

This is probably, in the grand scheme of things, quite true. I am overweight, I am bigger than I was five years ago and my trousers are often tighter than I would like. Comparisons with the waistlines pf other men at the gym are fruitless as most are younger and naturally they are fitter and less overweight. It is a gym, after all.

So, perhaps I should change the name of my website. Just Robert Williams - bald and over 40? Robert Williams - gay, bald and over 40? Robert Williams - bearded, bald and something else beginning with B?

Perhaps a more radical shake-up is needed. I think the whole thing is due for a bit of a revamp in any case. There is less and less there due to parts of it migrating: I have a blog here, for instance, and photos on Flickr and other stuff on Facebook.

Half the reason I have the site is because I was given a free domain from my ISP. Do I even need it at all?

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I never agreed with the fat label. I would even hesitate to say you are overweight.

Perhaps another B is the appropriate course of action:

Bear? (perhaps not)
Beside himself?
I have changed it. It is now called Robert Williams - bearded, bald and beyond.

Still looks naff though.
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