Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Irritating features of Microsoft Word #1 

Well, OK, this might not irritate everyone but it bugs me ... why is the default in Word have rows in tables break over pages? Have you ever noticed this?

You have a table in a Word document and have reached the bottom of the page. The row of the table allows you to type one line and then you are taken to the next page where you type five more lines. The result is that you have one line in the row at the bottom of the page and five on the next. You really want six together.

You can make it happen by clicking on Table > Properties and unchecking allow row to break over pages.

Why should that be the default? I want the complete opposite to be the default.I want my rows to appear together most of the time unless they are very big.

I want to be able to change the default so that Word doesn't break rows over pages but this does not appear to be possible.

Does anyone out there know how to do this?

No smart answers about Macs or using real word processors please. I have no choice about what I use at work.

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