Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Joe 90 

This was one of the programs I used to watch avidly as a child. It took second place to Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet but I loved the funky music and the idea that  nine-year-old boy could be a secret agent.

I also loved Joe's father's flying car, a neat little thing that, in tradition of all Derek Meddings's models, drove along the road and then gradually slid out some wings, lifted its wheels and took to the skies.

I saw the boxed set going cheap the other day, picked it up and watched the first episode the other day.

It was obviously a product of another age.

Firstly, we have a father USING HIS OWN SON as a test subject in a mind altering experiment.

Secondly he is downloading his own memories into the boy. Swift bit of sex education there.

Thirdly, Joe becomes a secret agent for WIN and is given a pair of special glasses to retain the memories he's been given, a badge and a special child sized gun. A gun! For a 9-year-old. Imagine that!

Lastly, in Joe's first adventure he takes to the skies in a stolen Soviet plane (he stole it), shoots down several other pilots and bombs an airbase. Such a role-model!

I can't really imagine this getting past the censors these days, can you?

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