Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's nearly ended but I think it's really nice to see that so many men have taken part in Movember, the charity moustache grow-a-thon for November. I have been incredibly impressed.

I have always liked moustaches anyway and had one myself some time ago. Technically, I still have one although it is part of my beard. It has been a shock over the past week or two as the new moustaches fill out and become more visible on the streets and in the gym. I keep having to make myself not stare. There is nothing worse, when you have grown new facial hair, than to have someone staring at it, especially some old queen like me.

All the lovely moustaches I've seen over recent weeks makes me wish I had taken part but I only found out about it some time after it started. Besides, for reasons of complete vanity, I would be loathe to remove my beard at the moment as I have only just got it looking halfway decent.

I hope, and I know this will not happen, that those men out there that have grown moustaches for charity will keep them. It'd be great to have furry upper lips in the world once more!

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