Monday, November 24, 2008

New taste sensations 

For a change I have been making my own sandwiches instead of forking out jolly good money on shop-bought ones and have been experimenting with new and interesting fillings.

Today I had chicken liver paté on homemade bread with coleslaw and pine nut kernels. The experimental part was the pine nuts which added an interesting texture. The experience was a tad messy however as I used the crust from the loaf and that made the sandwich hard to bite without squishing pate and coleslaw all over my desk.

The highlight of last week's experimentation was corned beef with sliced leftover new potatoes and coleslaw on homemade wholemeal bread. Very tasty and not all that messy.

I also tried Mexican bean paté on wholemeal with spicy guacamole. Nice but a bit hot and rather rumbly later in the afternoon.

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