Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Virgin Media ... did a good job 

You know, I can't believe I wrote that. I will worry that I have jinxed myself.

I called them last week to get my broadband speed increased. I had the luck of getting through to someone who not only understood basic English but actually seemed competent and very keen to give me the best deal on my broadband and on my telephone lines.

A fly in the ointment appeared just before what we both thought was the end of the call when I asked a simple question about whether I needed to reboot my set-top box on the day the new service was due to start and then we realised I needed to have a cable modem installed.

Bum! I needed an engineer. (It turned out I didn't but more of that in a moment!)

So we arranged an appointment for an engineer to come to my house on the 30th and I arranged to work from home but with trepidation in my heart remembering all the problems I had earlier in the year getting my phone lines fixed.

The 30th arrived and I stayed home. I normally don't like working from home as I get distracted easily but this time I was actually quite productive, getting lots of work done AND odd little five minute jobs (several loads of washing and replacing a blind).

The engineer turned up early, just as I'd stopped to make myself a sandwich for lunch so that was well timed. I recognised him from one of his previous visits as one of the few Virgin Media people who do a good job and I was pleased to see he hadn't changed.

He fitted the modem, a job I could have easily done myself, and then called to get it registered. Here he ran into problems, getting hold of the usual call-centre monkeys who give me such a bad time normally.

Here I was glad that I hadn't been given the option of doing this myself. Having an insider calling the right people at Virgin Media was a godsend and saved me a lot of frustration and hair-pulling.

So, here I am with faster broadband and a slightly better opinion of Virgin Media.

I still wouldn't recommend them to anyone though or take them with me when I move house.

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