Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It takes me a long time to get "into" Christmas but this year I feel even less in the mood for it than I normally do.

Perhaps it's the weather or the poor state of the world or the general low mood caused by the recession or my own personal recession caused by spending way too much money over the last year -- but I just do not feel in the least bit Christmassy.

I find I am resenting spending money on it. I sneer at the few paltry decorations I have seen up in the high streets, although there aren't that many of those even now. I hate the desperate urgings in adverts in papers and on the net for people to spend more money than they can.

The Metro the other morning had present suggestions categorised according to price: below £100, £100 - £200 and so on. Some people are going to get ridiculous ideas from that. To me, a great present is something someone has thought about and given something that someone would really like. It could cost pennies but if the thought has gone into it then it is priceless. Spending a lot of money suggests a desperation to be popular.

We have our Christmas party at work tomorrow but I am missing the evening meal due to a mix up with my diary (OK, I didn't look) resulting in a double-booking. I will be going with David to a Maddy Pryor concert instead. I am quite happy about that.

I have ordered most of the presents I am buying for other people and have placed a huge wish list on Amazon to give anyone wishing to buy for me plenty of choice. I will be writing my cards tonight.

I suppose it all seems so clinical.


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