Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sahara throat 

I am getting over a cold. It started Friday with a sore throat and a bit of mild sneezing. It didn't stop me going to watch David and the BBC Symphony Chorus and Orchestra perform Carmina Burana on Friday or going to see Spamalot on Saturday.

Sunday, however, found me lying around on the sofa covered in a blanket, full of apathy and snot. I didn't feel especially unwell, as colds go it was very low on the scale, but it did make me feel a little detached like I was operating my body by remote control.

It also deeply affected my concentration. On Saturday I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, have a shave and a shower. In the shower, I discovered I'd shaved my cheeks above my beard but forgot all about shaving my neck.

Anyhow, after taking Monday off work as a sick day (so bored that I did my filing) and staggering in to work yesterday, I feel more or less OK today. I still feel a little snotty and my sore throat is mostly gone apart from feeling exceptionally dry like I have been gargling with talcum powder.

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