Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Resolutions 

I make resolutions every year. I just checked my blog for last year and found that I am about to make the same resolutions as I did last year. My resolutions a year ago were to lose weight, save money, finish my novel and be consistent with my beard.

The only one of those I kept was the beard. I have not shaved it off or trimmed down to a goatee all year. I should be proud of that but it was more luck than determined effort.

I still need to save money. More so now than last year. I have £6000 on my credit cards. That has accumulated from the holiday to New York in 2007, the holidays with David to various parts of the UK last year, the work on my garden, a VERY expensive service for my car and my recent Travelcard purchase. And does anyone feel safe with their job right now?

I still need to lose weight although, on a positive note, I have not put on any more weight than last year and I still wear the same sized trousers. One of my planned savings, however, will mean me cancelling my personal trainer and possibly my subscription to the gym. That will make weight loss rather more difficult. Gosh, I might even have to eat less. What a thought!

And then there's my novel. I very nearly just gave up on the whole thing a few months back. That all-important first chapter wasn't falling into place as I wanted it to. Then I realised I didn't want that as a first chapter and that I didn't know my main character well enough. I know where I want to start it and I have thought more about the character so I feel in a slightly stronger position to write about her. Unfortunately Tace Holgate's back story might take the entire novel in a different direction. That means I'll have to rewrite the whole thing!

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