Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My hotel in Hong Kong, the Metropark, Kowloon, is lovely. As it is close to where we are working, my colleague, also called Robert, and I got into the habit of popping back to the hotel for lunch. Of an evening, we would take the easy option and have our evening meal in there. Now that he has returned to the UK, I feel less inclined to be a Billy No Mates in a restaurant in town. It somehow seems OK to eat on your own in a hotel restaurant.

This is fine and the food is excellent. The problem is that the same CD is playing in the background on a continuous loop. Every single time. And it isn't a long loop either; there are only about five tunes of generic lift muzak before it starts all over again.

You find that eventually it is continuously looping in your head as well and it follows you about during the day.

Crossing the road: Laa-da-dee-dee-daaa...

In a meeting: Laa-da-dee-dee-daaa...

Trying to sleep: Laa-da-dee-dee-daaa...

I go home tomorrow night. I will take the tunes with me in my head but they will eventually fade away.

But what about the poor people who work here? They must put in hours in the restaurant each day. How do they cope? They must be singing it in their sleep or have gone selectively deaf. Or mad.

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