Sunday, March 01, 2009


I have done something very geeky but may save me future embarrassment.

I used to have a PDA to help me remember things. Trouble was - I forgot to check it when arranging things. I used to have a Smart Phone (a phone with Windows on it) that I used to make notes of events I needed to remember. Again I would forget to check it.

These days I have a paper diary which I use and sometimes check. I have three calendars in Outlook at work but I don't always check them BEFORE I book other things but at least I can set reminders. Neither helps prevent me double booking myself, which is something I'm doing rather a lot of at the moment.

I took the geeky way out of this and have written a small application in C# that pops up when I start my laptop to remind me about things.

It might help remind me of things that are coming up. It might even prevent me from double booking.

Or I might find other ways of ignoring my diary.


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