Thursday, April 09, 2009

I hate tourists! 

Yes, I know. If I were in another city I would be a tourist. And I also know that each and every one of the little darlings brings in much needed cash to the UK. But …

… do they have to wander round Oxford Street in packs of 15?

… do they all have to get on the same tube train at once?

… do they need to look straight at me walking towards them and then stop, in my path, while they look at another map?

… do they have to shout at each other at the tops of their voices?

… do they have to stand around, getting their bearings in the busiest places, like where the pavement narrows because of some roadworks or because another batch of tourists is blocking the path?

I have visited foreign cities. I have been lost. I have travelled with tour groups. I have also realised that being on holiday does not mean I can leave consideration for others at home.

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