Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poo and pants 

I bet I know what you’re thinking. With a title like that, you think this blog is about me messing myself. Well, you’re wrong…

We’re currently having our annual retreat to Beddgelert in Snowdonia. We’re eating in for 5 nights of the 7 and eating out for the other two. Tonight is one of our eating out nights. We decided on fish and chips from Porthmadog and stopped at a lay-by on the way back to eat them by a stream. Parts one and two of this plan executed without mishap, or so I thought.

We finished our fish and chips and put the rubbish in the carrier bag and took it all back to the car. Then I sat down behind the steering wheel but as soon as I did so I noticed that my bottom instantly cold, wet and very definitely squidgy.

Without noticing, I’d sat in something on the rock by the stream, something that, if it wasn’t poo, was very strongly related.

Luckily, the weather has been a bit changeable this week so although I was wearing shorts I had a pair of jeans in the boot so, leaving David to clear up the seat as best he could, I grabbed the jeans and nipped across the road to hide behind a big rock and get changed. The whatever-it-was had soaked right through my shorts so I had to climb out of my pants as well.

I’m not normally prone to standing half naked by Welsh streams so I was very happy that there were no people about until I had my jeans on again.

I didn’t escape embarrassment, however. Back at the hotel, we chatted briefly to an elderly couple about what we had all done today (leaving out the poo incident, of course) before making our way back to the room. It was then I discovered that the pants that were in my hand when I’d left the car were somewhere else. I had dropped them on the way.

Yes, my pants were sitting on the floor of the conservatory where we had been standing and the elderly couple were still sitting there drinking their coffee. I grabbed the pants and made a quick get-away.

I hope they didn’t notice.

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