Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Now, if you’re expecting a post about the black and white movie star then read no further. This is about one of my favourite cartoons from a long-defunct UK newspaper called Today.

Today was the first colour newspaper in the UK. I can’t remember exactly when it started but I think it was the early eighties. It made a feature of the new colour gimmick by having colour photos, a coloured crossword (which didn’t last long) and coloured-in cartoons. Other newspapers of the age were limited to black and white with the occasional red splash for the front page.

The cartoons were the highlight of the paper for me and one cartoon in particular, Bogart, the adventures of a cat. I would often buy the paper purely to read the cartoon.

I used to love reading about Bogart masquerading as The Phantommmmm, a sort of superhero that didn’t really do anything particularly heroic other than jump out from behind bins to scare people. I also enjoyed Bogart’s trip to Quarantine which turned out to be a fantasticly luxurious cat hotel. Bogart also delighted in scaring off his owner’s boyfriends, teasing local dogs and chatting with the pigeons on the roof.

It was just brilliant.

Unfortunately, the newspaper eventually folded and Bogart disappeared. The strip transferred to the Daily Mail but I didn’t know about that until it was too late.

Today, I made a fantastic discovery: Bogart is now available online!

Read it yourself: http://bogartthecat.co.uk/

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Yo! Bogart lives!
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