Thursday, June 25, 2009

Revamped website 

Now that I have accounts on Facebook, Blogger and Flickr, all of which are more or less linked, I have very little need for a website.

When, in the dim and distant past, I first created a website, it was partly to give me some practice in this new and exciting HTML thing that everyone was raving over and partly to show off some photos I had taken. I put in some details about myself and links to things that I found interesting.

Now, years later, any photos I want to show the world, I on to Flickr, and sometimes, but rarely, on Facebook.

Facebook shows the world any information about myself and what I like. At least, it has enough information that I would have been happy to put on my own website.

And here, I put down all sorts of random thoughts that I would have put on the website anyway.

So, I have cut my website down to a single page containing three links. One to Facebook, one to Flickr and the other to here.


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