Sunday, July 19, 2009

Matt and Jules’s wedding 

My nephew and his very long term girlfriend got married yesterday. I was there and helped to upload photos from various cameras onto Matt’s laptop so that they could be projected onto a wall of the marquee during the reception.

That was a bit of an experience. Let’s just say I don’t like Vista.

It was great to see various members of the family I hadn’t seen for a while as well as various members of Matt’s dad’s family (including Matt’s dad himself) that I hadn’t seen for even longer, even though one of them told me that I am now the spitting image of my father.

On that last note, I was going to write a whole blog entry about that and how I felt about that and about my father but that turned rather long and directionless and I decided to delete it. Yes, I do look like my father and, yes, I behave like him in a distressingly great number of ways. I have though managed to avoid heterosexuality and fatherhood and alcoholism. I am as pigheaded as he is and I also hate to admit I am ever wrong. Which I am not, of course.

I think I have inherited his early love of photography which he sadly to dropped in later life. He took some stunning shots of my mother – clearly he loved her to bits while my brother and sister were kids and when they were both in their seventies. My tastes run more to landscapes and flowers.

I wish I’d his practical skills but, sadly, only enough to know how to wield a paintbrush and to know which jobs not to tackle. I wouldn’t know how to work on my car and I can’t bang bits of wood together to make anything other than two bits of wood rather than chairs and tables and fitted wardrobes.

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