Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Time Traveler’s Wife – a non-review 

I have read and seen a great many time travel stories. Most of them have made me groan or leap into the air shouting “NO!” because of some horrible logical inconsistency.

The Back to the Future trilogy has a few, the worst being that the girlfriend is left sleeping on a porch in a dystopian “present” and is still sleeping on the same porch after the past has been changed and the present restored to normal.

Star Trek, in all its incarnations, has too many to count, its writers using time travel as a big red reset button way too often.

And don’t talk to me about Superman flying backwards very fast!

It was a relief, therefore, to read The Time Traveler’s Wife and find a well crafted time travel romance that hung together extremely well. I could find no logical problems with Henry’s trips through time. The film, I am glad to say, was as consistent and told a lovely story that was funny in places and horribly sad in others.

The only criticism I would have with the movie was the horrible wig Eric Bana had to wear to distinguish young Henry from his older self. It kept drawing my attention as I watched the film.

Everything else, from the casting Henry and Claire’s daughter to the wonderfully handled wedding scene was perfect.

I knew before I saw the movie, however, that it was a film that few people would find wholly satisfying. It is a romance and it is a time travel story. I am a romantic science fiction fan. I enjoy romances and time travel stories (if they are done well) so a movie that features both is a winner for me.

Sadly, I think I am in a fairly small minority, however.

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