Thursday, October 15, 2009


Last night, there was a story in the free newspapers of a man who had had such a severe beating in Trafalgar Square a few weeks ago that he recently died. His attackers consisted of two blonde girls and a black man. Before the trio attacked the man they had shouted homophobic insults at him.

In short, two girls helped beat a man to death because he was gay.

Several months ago, another gay man was stabbed to death on his own doorstep in Bromley and his partner placed in intensive care. This attack has been attributed to homophobia as well.

My immediate reaction when hearing these stories is, strangely, to wonder why someone would do that. Why attack someone? Why kill someone purely because of his sexuality?

I can almost understand it if the attacks were made by straight men who had been propositioned by nasty predatory gay men.


However, I really cannot understand why two women would do this. What possible reason could there be?

The usual tribal reason given in these circumstances is “because he was different.”

This is the reason that people tender for violence against someone who supports another football team or has skin that is a different colour or who speaks another language or who belong to another religion or are old or … any one of a million differences. Apparently this is enough reason to hurt or even kill someone else.

It’s a pity no-one uses it as a reason for attacking someone who actually thinks those sort of things actually matter.

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