Monday, October 05, 2009

Robert Williams is unwell 

I am currently suffering from my first proper cold of the year. It is not swine flu or, I doubt, any other type of flu. I am still able to get up (although I don’t want to) and I am not wracked with pain.

My head, however, does feel it’s too small and occasionally too hot and during the night I had apparently swapped my normal sized bladder for one belonging to an ant. My nose alternates between normality, dripping like a tap and exploding. My lungs are similar and cycle between quiet, rasping and loud hacking cough.

Oddly, when I was a kid, I used to enjoy being ill. I would get to stay in bed and my Mum made a fuss and gave me Lucozade. My Dad would have to carry the television up the stairs for me. We only had the one and in those days they were huge, ungainly and extremely heavy. Only posh kids had televisions in their own bedrooms.

Now, if I have to stay in bed, I can read, surf the web or watch a DVD on my laptop but despite all this choice, I am bored out of my brain. I’m not sure if I will be well enough to go to work tomorrow either.

And I have no Lucozade.

I have dark chocolate Mars bars but that’s another story.

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