Friday, November 27, 2009


Ever since the Psychic Barber went back to Cypress, I have been a bit stuck for someone to cut my hair. He was great and would trim my beard exactly the way I wanted it without me having to tell him and not cost too much either. The barbers I have tried out since have been okay but none have come close. They’ve either been cheap and quick or good but expensive.

It’s amazing how the price of a haircut can range from £7 at Mr Topper’s to £30 or £40 somewhere else.

Today, I decided to have a trim. Following a very cold day a few weeks ago I decided to regrow my beard and, at the same time, allow my hair to grow out of the summer no.1 crop (or shorter) I had been keeping to. For the past few days both have been looking a bit “tufty”, for want of a better word, and it was time to have them tidied up.

I found a nearby barber on Yell.com and popped in. It was a nice experience; he actually used scissors! Can you believe that? I thought I would never see scissors used on my hair ever again. He trimmed my beard neatly and tapered it at the bottom without defining a line and took great care with the stray hairs that had grown a lot longer than their fellows. He washed my hair as well.


A little more than I was expecting. Certainly more than Mr Topper’s and the Psychic Barber but it was good. I probably will go back. Just not very often.

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