Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jill Sobule is coming to town 

My favourite singer (after David, of course), Jill Sobule, is doing a UK tour in 2010. The dates and places are:

2/3/2010 (Tue) London Troubadour
3/3/2010 (Wed) Cambridge Junction 2
9/3/10 (Tue) Henley The Crooked Billet
10/3/10 (Wed) Leicester The Musician
11/3/10 (Thu) Bristol St Bonaventure's
14/3/10 (Sun) Milton Keynes The Stables

For more details go to http://www.jillsobule.com/shows

I have booked two tickets for the London show. It isn’t David’s thing so I will have to get someone else to come with me. If there are any of my friends who fancy coming along, please get in touch!

I have blogged about Jill before, several times and so I will try to be restrained here and not be gushy, ration the amount of exclamation marks I use and most definitely not use OMG anywhere. I am, however, pretty excited by this. This is evident by the fact that I have bought tickets and fully intend to go – I never go to concerts other than classical ones. Really, I have never been to a non-classical music concert. I have led a sheltered life.

I really love Jill’s music, however, and would regret not going to see her when I have the chance. She has an absolutely incredible voice and creates wonderfully emotional songs.


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And Jill can't wait to meet you! Very nice blog, thank you.
I e-mailed your blog to Jill and she said, "Ahhh! I wish you could come!"
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