Thursday, February 18, 2010

Twenty-first Century Fairy Tales 

We all remember the tooth fairy, the mythical creature that would take the discarded teeth left under our pillows and replace them with money.

I'd like to postulate some modern ones.

There is the Tangle Fairy, the creature responsible for creeping into your pocket and tying up your iPod headphone cables. It also, in its spare time, mangles the Christmas Tree lights every year just before you bring them down from the loft.

The Tangle Fairy is related to the Shoelace Pixie, who untie shoelaces as you are walking and then tighten the knots so that they are impossible to undo.

The Glasses Grease Goblin who takes perfectly clean pairs of glasses stored in a case and smears them so badly that you come to wear them you might as well not bother.

Anyone think of others?


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