Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unsuccessful charity collectors 

Probably the woman who was trying to collect for charity at Orpington Station this morning went home and had a good old moan about how uncharitable people were at the station today.

Maybe she would have had more luck if she had not been wearing a full-length fur coat.

Leaving aside the issue as to whether the coat was real or fake (I couldn’t tell), I wonder what went through the woman’s mind when she decided to wear it? Fur coats (real or fake) are intended for two things: (1) to keep you warm (it wasn’t cold this morning) and (2) to give the impression that you are loaded.

Wearing a fur coat and trying to collect for charity was a bit of a mistake. The people she wanted money from would either be thinking she’s rich enough to put money in the bucket herself or that the next bucketload would be used to enhance her wardrobe.

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