Friday, June 04, 2010

Men in a bucket 

This morning when I got off the train and left Charing Cross station, I heard raised voices. Looking around I couldn’t see much other than a lot of stationary traffic on the Strand because there was a gridlock at the roundabout in Trafalgar Square.

I thought maybe that some of the drivers were having a bit of a heated argument. Then I realised that the shouting was coming from above and looked up.

There were two guys in a window cleaner’s cradle hanging over the edge shouting “oi!” at people.

I wondered what they were doing and went through the options:

Further up the road I looked again and they seemed to be shouting at me. Odd, I thought, and looked at my reflection in a window. Nope – nothing out of the ordinary – at least nothing that would need shouting at from high up.

I shrugged and carried on walking to work.

It was only when I was a lot further on that it occurred to me that they might have been trying to get people’s attention because they were stuck although I think, if that were the case, they would have done better to have banged on the windows of the building or maybe shouted something other than “oi!”.

“Help!” probably would have been a good idea.

Of course, they could have just been shouting at people for the fun of it. Will we ever know?

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