Monday, October 31, 2011

Movember diary - day zero 

Tomorrow is the first day of November. I am taking part in Movember, the grow a moustache for charity thing and so, today, for the first time in years, I have shaved.
We're supposed to start from scratch and start tomorrow clean-shaven. I trimmed away my beard yesterday but today was the first I'd shaved around my mouth for a long time.
It feels weird. It looks weirder. My face lacks definition and my mouth is too small.
Yesterday I marvelled at how much younger I looked without the damning white facial hair. I am only 47 but my upper lip hair is mainly white. The rest of my beard and head hair is dark. Shaving it all off made me think, yesterday, that I had lost 10 years, perhaps more.
Today I think I look like I am made out of plastic, like Bruce Willis in Surrogates or Barry Manilow in anything.
So, for the next month I will let my moustache grow and regrow my head hair (I've been shaving that for the last couple of months) and try not to look like an ageing porn star.
The end of the month will tell whether I shave the tache again or regrow the beard. Vanity or practicality?

Movember is a cause that espouses research into illnesses that affect men. Things like prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Because they're illnesses that affect males, they don't get the coverage that other illnesses get. Go to the Movember website and read about it.
While you're there, if you find my page (and there is only one Robert Williams in the UK doing this - how sad is that?) and you can spare it, bung me a couple of quid.
Better yet. Grow a moustache and raise money yourself. Now, I know the ladies will find this a bit of a challenge but you should at least try!
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