Thursday, May 03, 2007

Eurovision 2007 

I have become a major Eurovision fan over the last few years. I have even gone to the extent of buying the CD before the contest has aired and now have a really firm idea of which songs are my favourites. I have also placed a couple of online bets!

There are four songs that stick in my head. I find myself humming the entries from Sweden (my favourite), Switzerland and the Ukraine. Although I like the Swiss entry, Vampires are Alive, I don't want it to win. It's clearly jumping on the Buffy-esque bandwagon started by last year's winners, Lordi (who do their act dressed as demons and throw in lots of lyrics about Hell). Both the Swedish and Ukrainian entries are camp and do not take themselves at all seriously, which, to me, is the whole spirit of Eurovision.

I said four, didn't I? I do actually like our entry. Like the Swedes and the Ukraines, it obviously has its tongue in its cheek. Won't win, of course.

We only have a week and a bit to wait to find out who wins this year!


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Evil, evil Eurovision! Grrr!

Because of Evil, Evil Eurovision, episode 7 of Doctor Who, "42", is being delayed by a week! A whole bloody seven days, just because the 7pm slot wouldn't fit in with an 8pm Eurovision start...

Hmmm. Am I being childish? ;-)
Childish? Maybe just a tiny bit.

This is very much a case of divided loyalties, isn't it? The UK demographic for both shows would definitely overlap.
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