Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trouser sizes 

When I was in New York, I tried to buy some trousers. On my previous visit (in 2000) I was impressed by the breadth of sizes they had on offer and how I could buy jeans that fit me almost perfectly. To my dismay, this time, I found that trousers were stocked only within certain ranges. I could buy trousers with the right waist but an inside leg that was just a shade too small. Trousers with that waist size and a larger inside leg were available only online.

So, I gave up on the trousers, muttering that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen in good old Blighty.

Only, it has.

I went to buy some trousers at lunchtime for myself and for David at the huge Marks and Spencer at Marble Arch. I found some for me easy enough but when I looked for some for David I ran into trouble. There were some at the size just below his but nothing bigger. Same thing in jackets.

I did find a discrete notice, easily missed, that said clothing in sizes of a particular range were available by order or online. Who wants to buy clothes online? You wait weeks for them to arrive and then find they don’t fit.

I admit that we are a little on the large side but, given our heights, neither of us are outlandishly huge. This seems rather wrong.

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