Sunday, April 27, 2008

The UK public have no idea 

No idea about what? I hear you cry.

Anything, I would answer but in this particular case I am referring to these stupid telephone voting shows: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?, Any Dream Will Do and now I'd Do Anything. They are all shows created by the BBC to showcase revived musicals and to find girls and boys to be the lead roles.

The problem with the shows is that the Great British public decide who stays in the show and who goes. One contestant each week has to be eliminated by telephone vote. The trouble is that the public chooses people they like and not the people that are the best for the job.

A similar system is in place for the British Entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. And a similarly bad choice was made for the UK's song this year.

Of course, the reason television companies like the BBC have shows like this is that they can make a lot of money from the sheer volume of calls. They are not interested in the validity of the selections.

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Robert, it seems that you saw sense and retracted the blog you wrote about Your Lord.

Good boy. Now don't be silly like that again.

Not that anyone reads your blog in the first place, of course.

Your Lord, Erastus Theobald Piggott
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