Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eurovision 2008 

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of those gay stereotypes that we are all supposed to enjoy along with musical theatre, sex, shopping and more sex. Of course, there are others but this one is one that I have no problem enjoying.

This year I wasn't as enthusiastic as I normally am. I have already commented on our selection process for our entry and that may have reduced my enthusiasm for the competition itself although I think the other events in my life may have contributed to that.

However, with a long drive to Wales for our holiday approaching, last weekend, I bought the CD so that we could listen to it in the car. Unfortunately, we only liked one of the songs out of the 43 on offer and it was the entry from Belgium.

Had we been anywhere near a TV that showed the semi-final and somewhere I could get a decent mobile phone signal, I would have voted. I don't think my one vote would have made a difference however.

I didn't think our song stood out from the rest very well. That's not to say I thought it was the worst or even the joint worst with Germany and Poland. There were other songs that were awful that did better in the final than the final three.

I did manage to see the final on Saturday in the company of David and a German couple. When it came to the scoring, it was amazing how someone in the room was able to predict where the 12 points were to go before they were announced and not because they were going toward a song that was head and shoulders above all the others. No, as usual, votes went to neighbours.

Voting for this sort of thing should not be down to the public. Generally they vote for a nice face or someone they recognise from another show or someone from their home country or a song in a language they all understand.

They certainly do not vote for songs or singers or whatever on merit.

How can the ESC be changed? Goodness knows. The public vote is still needed - the TV companies want the money from the premium rate lines.

Professional jury?

Regional heats?

Two competitions?

Dump it altogether?

I don't know. I would be the the first to admit that there are more important things to worry about but it would be good to sort this out.


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