Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Husband and husband? Not in Islington! 

I read about this in the paper the other day. I didn't pay much attention to it other than to think "silly cow" and turn the page. Then someone sent me an article from the Independent which I read and became a little annoyed.

In essence the story is that an Islington registrar has refused to conduct civil partnership cermonies on religious grounds. The council took action against her but she has had her views upheld by the court and can now legally refuse to conduct civil ceremonies.

The reason the Independent article made me annoyed with this woman is that she claims that she objects on religious grounds and yet is a registrar who, on a daily basis, marries people who have been married before and straight couples who have been living together before deciding to "make it legal". Both types of wedding should be just as objectionable in religious terms as a civil ceremony, which is, strictly speaking, not a wedding in any case.

She seems to have no objections to secular straight ceremonies and yet does object to gay unions.

Homophobia? Looks like it to me.

Legally permitted homophobia? Looks like that as well. And that's worrying.

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This is outrageous. I cannot believe they found in her favour. She is entitled to to her personal beliefs, but they should not effect her job, particularly as she works in government. When I was at a place where I was asked to take on something that conflicted with my beliefs, I left. She should to. Good blog.
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