Friday, October 31, 2008

To bee or not to bee? 

It's October, nearly November. It's cold out. Gloves, hat and coat cold. And there was a huge bumblebee on the train this morning, a real one, not a guy in a bee suit.

It was flying angrily against the light fitting near the door. Sometimes it landed upside-down and rested. Not many people seemed to notice but I was transfixed.

I don't mind bees when there is plenty of room for me to get out of their way. I can stop and admire one flitting around in some flowers without a twinge but the moment I am trapped inside somewhere with one then I start to get edgy.

Being on a crowded train with the doors closed and a bee the size of a family car floating around not six feet away from me is a stressful situation. I didn't panic but I did not take my eyes off it from the moment I saw it.

I was knackered but extremely relieved when we got to Charing Cross.

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