Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hell on a train 

On the way to the station, I passed three London Lite peddlars but I didn't pick one up because I knew, yes, knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had my iPod with me and that I would be able to spend the train journey listening to the next instalment of National Public Radio's version of Star Wars.

I didn't even say "no thanks" as I stomped past in my pre-Christmas grumpiness. Not once, not twice but three times.

Of course, as soon as I got on the train and sat down, I discovered my mistake and found that I'd left the iPod on my desk at work. Great! Nothing to keep the annoyances of the carriage out of my ears tonight or tomorrow morning.

And did I need it!

It was only a short journey as it was a fast train but it felt very long.

I wrote this in my notebook as I was sitting there ...

"I'm sitting opposite a man WHO CANNOT CHEW GUM WITH HIS MOUTH CLOSED and across the aisle from an idiot who doesn't know how to turn the beeps off on his mobile and is composing the longest text message known to man.

You'll understand why I have steam coming out of my ears."

One thing I absolutely hate without question is people eating noisily. I have mentioned it before. At least with normal eating it's over fairly quickly but with gum chewing it goes on FOREVER.

Noisy chewy bastards!

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