Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The gay community 

One of my friends recently tried to persuade me to join a group called OUT and take part in their discussion groups and events. OUT is a LGBT social networking group that has existed for many years and is intended for all the people who are LGB or T. Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, I assume.

There are meetings, talks, events and special interest groups, apparently, where LGBT people can get together and talk about stuff. Stuff that other people talk about all the time.

Why does the LGBT community need special groups to talk about photography or art or books? Or to see a show or visit a museum? I don’t think a photography group would be any better if everyone in it was gay. I wouldn’t think talking about my favourite shows would be enhanced if I was only talking with other gay men.

Why can’t we just do things with other people regardless of their sexuality? There are photography groups out there, there are theatre groups, there are writing groups and art groups.

Why do we have to do things in our own gay community, anyway? Why do we still feel the need to herd ourselves into a ghetto?

Sexuality is only part of what makes a person. It shouldn’t be a defining characteristic and it shouldn’t limit our interactions with the world to others that share our preferences.

Yes, I know it's nice to let your hair down and not have to watch what you say to avoid offending the straights but is that really a good enough reason to hide yourself away?


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