Friday, July 03, 2009

Late Eurovision blogging 

Regular readers will know that my feelings towards Eurovision have gone from hate to disinterest to interest and finally to full-blown fanaticism in the space of a few years.

I have seen it every year since 2003, the year David and I began to see each other, and have nearly all the albums. Last year and this year I actually bought the CDs before the contest so that I would be more engaged on the night.

I was missing the album for 2005 but I recently bought it from someone on eBay. Normally I can listen to these things and find one or two songs that I actually like enough to add to my favourites playlist on my iPod. This year, 2009, contributed quite a few to my favourites playlist as have 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008. They are still there and still enjoyed.

2005, however, now that I have listened to it, doesn’t seem to have any that I like that much. There are no tracks that catch my ear. There’s lots of bland poppy ballads and tons of clones of 2004’s entry for Turkey (including the year’s UK entry) although Turkey’s 2005 song dares to be different.

I don’t remember 2005 being that bad but it does put me off trying to track down 2003 a bit.


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Was that the year we didn't choose a heavily pregnant Katie Price to represent the UK?

"Uninterest", not "disinterest", please. A disinterested judge is properly impartial, not one who is bored and does sudoku while the case is on.

Paul Brownsey
I didn't like that incredibly clumsy sentence as I typed it. It would probably read better without reporting the intermediate stages between hate and fanaticism.
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