Monday, April 19, 2010

You mean it isn’t International Dress Like a Pimp Day? 

Tonight I will be going out after work to see Mamma Mia! so I have dressed up a bit; I’m wearing a proper jacket, black trousers and a black shirt. I thought it worked when I looked in the mirror but, as I left the house, the uneasy thought popped into my head that I looked like a 1970s pimp.

As I took a few steps down the road I began to realise, as well, that the new trousers I bought were just a shade on the wrong side of snug and the “pimp” thought began to well and truly bed in.

The thought was magnified by the “naked” feeling I get whenever I go somewhere without my laptop bag, which I decided to leave behind because I was going out, and then further by someone at the bus-stop giving me a very peculiar look.

As I waited for the bus, that thought ran round my head, “I am dressed like a pimp”, but by then it was too late and I decided to brazen it out, walking brazenly onto the bus and then on to the train.

It was only when I sat down that I realised why the bloke at the bus-stop had given me a funny look.

My flies were undone.

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This really is just far too funny; I am trying very hard not to laugh, but failing miserably.

I am also worried, as I have not dressed up....
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