Saturday, October 01, 2011

Movember and me 

I have written about Movember and moustaches before in this blog. I have let Movembers come and go each year without taking part. This year will be different!

I have registered with the Movember website and plan, at the end of October, to shave off my beard and grow a moustache throughout November. I'm doing this for the fun of it but would like to raise a decent amount of money in the process.

Movember raises money for research into men's illnesses, particularly prostate cancer by encouraging men to do something intrinsically male, grow facial hair.

I know moustaches aren't popular these days. Straight men still think they are gay and gay men think they're something that died out in the eighties ... but when does it ever matter what anyone thinks?

This is a good cause, so click here to sponsor me. Better yet, if you're a man, take part! Raise some money yourself and add another moustache to the world.

Throughout Movember I plan to post regular updates to my blog, my Movember page and to Facebook. You're going to get sick of my face.

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Are women not allowed to take part? My neighbour sports a fine Mexican model.
Women can definitely take part although I am never clear how this works. The site calls for "Mo Sistas" to support their male counterparts.
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